Google's SVP of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai, dropped a pretty huge piece of news our way at the D11 conference; Google Play Music All Access is coming to iOS. Currently, there's unofficial apps that will get you into Google's new streaming service, but it's pretty huge news that Google is bringing it to iOS in an official capacity.

Streaming seems to be the big talk of the moment, and with Apple rumored to be launching their own 'iRadio' service at some point Google bringing their service to iOS is pretty big. We've often mused that the best Google phone out there is in fact the iPhone 5, and today's announcement is just another piece of that. All Access will be a $9.99 a month subscription service, though if you're interested, sign up before June 30 for a discount on that to $7.99 You can sign up on the web, and a 30-day trial is also available.

Pichai said that their engineers are currently "working like crazy" to bring All Access to iOS, the biggest question is when exactly we'll see it. Pichai said on stage that it'll launch "in a few weeks," but nothing more concrete than that. Interestingly Pichai also stated that Google sees iOS users who want their services as regular Google users, and that they want to make sure their products and services work for them. An interesting point of view. So, anyone excited for All Access?

Source: Engadget