Google Play Music iPad

Google Play Music has been available for iPhone since late 2013, but so far users of Google's streaming music app have been without an official iPad app. Today, however, we're getting our first look at what Google Play Music for iPad might actually look like, as 9to5Mac has published images of the app's tablet UI. What's more, it seems the iPad version is actually buried in the current iPhone app.

iPad Google Play Music app

As you might expect, the layout looks like a cross between the current iPhone app and Android tablet layout for Google Play Music, with albums and playlists arranged as "cards," and a slide-out navigation bar for moving between the main parts of the app. A couple of videos have also emerged, appearing to show a fully-functional build of Google Play Music for iPad.

9to5 also reveals that this iPad UI is actually accessible from within the current iPad app, provided your device is jailbroken — changing the app's "UIDeviceFamily" key from 1 to 2 in its info.plist file reportedly gives you the full-sized tablet UI. A Google contact even told the outlet they believed the iPad version of the app had already been released, so there's a chance it's merely waiting on approval from Apple before being pushed out. On the other hand, it doesn't look like the existing iPhone app has been updated for a couple of months, so there's no guarantee what we're seeing here is completely up-to-date.

Source: 9to5Mac