We've already got one Newsstand on our iPhones and iPads, and Google it seems wants to be the second. Announced today, Google Play Newsstand is a new product that will be rolling together Google Currents and the until now Android only Google Play Magazines under one banner. The app is Android only at first, though according to Engadget it will also be coming our way sometime next year:

With today's launch, Google is putting the focus on Android, but iOS users will be able to enjoy the fruits of Mountain View's labor as well... eventually. A spokesperson told us that Newsstand will be coming to Apple's mobile OS early next year, primarily as a replacement to Currents. And, while you probably won't be able to purchase subscriptions directly through the app, you will be able to pick up periodicals through the web storefront and have them delivered to your handset or tablet.

Google's Newsstand is more than just magazines since it's able to pull in web content as well. A sort of one stop shop for all your news. Like the recently launched Google Play Music for iPhone, we shouldn't ever expect in-app purchases from Google, since they'd have to hand over a chunk to Apple. So it'll be web shopping only in that regard.

Currents was never the most popular of apps from Google, especially on iOS, but Newsstand looks like a more interesting proposition. Question is; would you use it?

Source: Google via Engadget