Google has released code that gives developers the ability to have links open directly in Google Chrome instead of Apple's built-in Safari browser, and return users right back to their app with a single tap. A developer has to add Google's code -- a URL scheme with x-callback -- to their app, and you have to have Chrome installed on your device, but the execution is seamless. The example used on the Chromium blog blog is YouTube: tapping on a link in a YouTube listing opens Chrome and provides a back button at the top left to easily return to the YouTube app.

It's not the same as Apple providing the ability to set default apps in iOS on a system-wide level, but it's the same method Google has been using inside their own apps, including the recent Gmail update. Ironically, it also gives them a leg up on Safari, which doesn't currently provide a method for returning to any app that might have launched it. With Safari, you have to use the fast app switcher, or return to the Home screen and relaunch the original app, which now seems janky by comparison.

It'll be interesting to see how many developers apply this new code to their apps, and how far Google is able to take over the experience on iOS before Apple has something to say about it.

In the meantime, which apps would you most like to see add Chrome integration?

Source: +Google Chrome Developers, Chromium Blog