Google Search for iOS adds notifications, reminders, and more!

Google has released an update to its Google Search application, bringing a number of enhancements to Google Now on the iPhone, including notifications and reminders. Google Search will notify you when it thinks you should leave for an appointment, or if your flight is running late. It will even tell you how to get home using public transportation if you need to.

You can now set reminders for yourself using the app. Just say something like "Remind me to pick up the milk" to create a reminder. A card will pop that will allow you to set the details of the reminder, or you could set them with your voice as well. Google can remind you based on both either time or location. You can also be reminded about certain events, like a new album from a favoite artist, or the next episode of a TV show.

There are several new cards for Google Now in this update. Tickets for movies, concerts, and events will now appear. Boarding passes for flight are also available, and can be drawn from your Gmail, along with reservation confirmations for car rentals. If you regularly use a train, you can be warned about when your last train home is about to depart. You can also see a list of upcoming local events.

This update also adds handsfree voice capabilites to the app. Simply say "OK Google Now", followed by what you want to do or search for. So say something like "OK Google Now, remind me to get gas for the lawn mower" to set a reminder, for instance. Voice search requires an iPhone 4s or later. Users with other Google apps on their device will be able to use one touch sign in to log in to Google Search.

The update can be downloaded on the App Store right now.

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