Google Search updated with weather, traffic, and sports information

Google Search has just been updated and the big news is, it now includes Google Now! Yes, the card-style informational service, which includes traffic and weather updates, as well as information about sports teams and breaking news. That means iPhone and iPad owners get a taste of the same features Android users having been enjoying in Jelly Bean for almost a year.

Voice remains one of the core elements of Google Search, and works with the new Google Now features so, when Google isn't already serving up what you want, you can simply ask for it. For example, the traffic condition update can give you information on how long your commute will be before you leave for the day.

Unlike stock Android, where Google Now is a core service, on iOS it's locked inside the Google Search app, which limits its scope and convenience. Lack of Push Notification support makes that worse than it might otherwise be.

And, of course, you have to be willing to log into your Google account and give them access to location and other forms of data. That's the price of the virtual assistant. It knows all about you. If you don't want that, you don't get that.

Thanks Eric for the tip!

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