The Google streamlining continues, with the announcement now that their dedicating shopping app, Google Shopper, will be retired come August 30. The app acts as a front for Google's web-based shopping curation service, and helps people find products and prices in their local areas as well. But, in around a months time the app will disappear. From the Google Commerce Blog:

We want to focus our efforts on Google Shopping and Google Search, to create a better, more consistent shopping experience across all devices. To help us focus on that goal, we’ll be shutting down the standalone Google Shopper app on August 30. Going forward, you can search directly on Google (or use the Google Search app on mobile devices) or visit in any browser.

So, the service doesn't die, but is moved completely within the confines of another Google application. Much like Latitude is being incorporated into Google+ and Local is being moved into Google Maps, it's a streamlining on the mobile front we're seeing. It's a strange new time of Google apps, as we've gone from having something for everything, towards a more structured approach. Nevertheless, there's bound to be a few folks disappointed to see Shopper go the way of the Dodo. Are you one of them? How do you feel about being directed into the Google Search app to get your shopping information now?

Source: Google Commerce