Google has released the long-awaited Google Voice WebApp for iPhone (and Palm webOS), something they said they'd be doing in the wake of their exclusion from the iTunes App Store.

Similar to Google's other, marvelous WebApps like Gmail, it leverages the advanced web technologies built into iPhone Safari to provide an optimized UI through which make calls from your Google Voice number and send SMS. Or so we hear... TiPb HQ has been trying to try it, but it's been "fail city" according to Dieter, with lots of network request errors. (At least on the iPhone, his Palm Pre is doing better).

"It's a very pretty "Network Request Failed" pop up dialog box. Quite impressive," he says. (See it after the jump.)

According to TechCrunch, however:

It is built on HTML5 with most of the functionality of the original iPhone app, except that it cannot access the local contact list in your iPhone’s address book. It lets you manage a separate Google Voice contact list which is kept in the cloud instead. Google Voice voice routes your calls through its servers and acts as a new hub through which you can manage calls and forward them to various phones. You can also manage your settings and various phone numbers. The HTML5 makes it very fast, allows for local caching of data, and supports the voice tags necessary to play the audio voicemails through the browser.

You can access it via If you're a Google Voice user, let us know how it works for you, and how it compares to a native app like GV Mobile for Jailbreak.

Video after the break!

And Dieter's error screen:

Google Voice fail