Google has pushed out an update to the Google+ app for iPhone and iPad that among other new features brings a refined interface and access to your Google Drive photos. Also on the changelog is support for Google Apps domains, and Messenger has been removed from the sidebar since that function is now folded into the standalone Hangouts app.

Photo management is becoming an ever important part of the Google+ experience, to the point there is a standalone Chrome app to manage your photos. We've been able to edit our Google+ uploads on the fly for a while now, but with this update you can go back over anything you've ever uploaded, as well as just images you uploaded to your Google Drive storage on top of viewing and sharing them.

The interface refinements are subtle, but make a pleasing difference to the overall look of the app. Gone are the images faded behind linked articles, such as those posted to the iMore account. Instead we now get the text, the thumbnail, and a clean white background. The comments sit just below as always, but the text is a little smaller, so you see more of the first comment in the list. Also changed is the image of you at the top of the slide out menu on the left. The circle in the middle is gone, and is replaced by a smaller thumbnail, with your name and registered email address at the side of it. All subtle changes, but I think welcome ones.

And, of course, don't forget to head on over to the iMore Google+ page to enter our Countdown to iPhone 5s competition!

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