Google+ for iOS just got a pretty hefty update, bringing with it all of the cool new photo features announced back at Google I/O. That means that auto enhance, browsing highlights of all of your photos, sharing animations, panoramas and more are all now at the disposal of iOS users following their debut on Android.

Previously, Google Hangouts was integrated into the Google+ app, but, following the launch of the separate Hangouts app, Hangouts has been removed from the main app. You can still see it in the sidebar, but to use it will require the separate app which you're taken to.

There's also a bunch of other, smaller updates to note; related hashtags are now here for finding interesting things, we can now upload a cover photo within the app, and perhaps my personal favorite, control how often those "What's Hot" posts appear in your timeline.

The update is available to download right now from the App Store. We've had to wait a couple of weeks to get the photo features, but let us know how you're finding them.

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