Google+ users rejoice, you can now instantly upload photos and see what's hot

If you're all in on Google+, the latest in a series of Google social networks aimed to compete with Facebook and Twitter, you'll want to head on over to the App Store and hit the update button, because the official Google+ app for iPhone now offers instant image upload and access to the What's Hot stream.

Instant Image upload watches your iPhone for any pictures or videos and automatically grabs them and uploads them to Google's Picasa service, which is tied into Google+. It's similar to Apple's iCloud Photo Stream but even more powerful as the uploads are unlimited. (Photo Stream only stores up to 1000 photos for up to 30 days).

Of course, while this might delight some users, it will raise incredible privacy concerns for others. Rightly, Google+ announces instant upload immediately when you launch the Google+ app and allows you choose whether you want it on or off, and if on, whether it can upload pictures, or videos, only via Wi-Fi or over 3G as well. You can also go into settings and change your mind at any time. (Especially if you're taking any pictures that really shouldn't be automatically uploaded to the internet!)

Hot Stream is similar to your circle timeline but shows you Google+ posts that are especially popular, topical, or others deserving of your attention -- as decided by Google.

Overall it's a good update. Google still hasn't wowed us with their iOS apps, but little-by-little they're improving and becoming more solid. They're still nowhere near as slick as a top-shelf Twitter app on the iPhone, but they're getting closer to Facebook level and given Google+ is much newer, that's no small feat.

If you haven't already, remember to circle up iMore to your Google+!

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