Google Voice

Google has updated Google Voice app for iPhone, extending support to the iPad and iPod touch.

At the top of the list was adding support for iPod Touch and iPad. Starting today, you can download a new version of Google Voice that lets you use all the features of the app on these devices, such as sending and receiving free text messages.

It looks like Google hasn't allowed users to use their iPad or iPod touch as a calling device but you still get a lot of great features to play with including the ability to initiate a Google Voice call from your iPod touch by sending it to your iPhone (or any desired number). Using a new feature called Click2Call, all you do is tap the Call button in Google Voice and select which phone you'd like it to ring to. Google Voice will then call the selected device and connect your call. Pretty neat!

Full updated list after the break. Any readers planning on grabbing this for their iPad or iPod touch? Anyone wish they'd turn on a VoIP option already? Let us know in the comments!

[iTunes, Google Voice Blog]

  • Support for iPod Touch
  • iPod Touch and iPhone can now make calls using Click2Call
  • Do Not Disturb setting
  • Text forwarding is automatically disabled when registering for Push notifications
  • Added Text forwarding setting to the app
  • Easier to make calls from the phone Address Book
  • Removed annoying OK dialog every time you send an SMS
  • Fixed crashes caused by text messages that begin with a space character
  • Fixed bug that caused the entire Inbox to load
  • Fixed bug that caused Contact pictures to get mixed up
  • Improved access to Contact groups
  • Improved speed of Contact search