Ingress is something of a favorite with a big portion of the Android faithful, and now it seems the developers are set to bring it across to iOS in 2014. Speaking in a recent interview to AllThingsD, Brandon Badger Ingress product manager from Google's Niantic Labs outlines the plans:

Ingress product manager Brandon Badger confirmed the iOS plans in an interview yesterday with AllThingsD. The game launched into closed beta last November, and so far has racked up about one million activations, with hundreds of thousands of active players every month on Android phones. Badger couldn’t say for sure when in 2014 the iOS version of Ingress would be available.

Ingress wouldn't be the first Niantic Labs product on iOS, as they're also responsible for Field Trip, the location aware attraction recommendation app. Ingress is a much different prospect, using Augmented Reality to lay the game world over the real world around you.

There was an unofficial port of Ingress developed for iOS, but its use isn't recommended by the creators, and banning may be on the cards for playing in this way. Google's continued development for iOS is most welcome and Ingress on iOS would be a sure fire way to grab a large number of new players. Would you be one of them?

Source: AllThingsD