Google has launched Motion Stills, a new iPhone app that lets you turn Live Photos into great GIFs and video clips. The app uses Google's video stabilization technology to freeze a Live Photo's background to offer a more stable image. After turning a live photo into a motion still, you can easily share it with your friends through iMessage or on social media.

Google's Motion Stills app helps you spruce up your Live Photos

With Motion Stills, you can:

  • Turn your Live Photos into cinematic and beautiful Motion Stills with Google's stabilization technology.
  • Share your Motion Stills as looping GIFs directly in your favorite messaging app.
  • Browse through your Live Photos stream, or flip through one-by-one and watch them auto-play.
  • Create epic movies by combining your Motion Stills together with just a swipe.

Motion Stills is available in the App Store right now.

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