GoPro App lets you play back videos and goes social too

GoPro has released a new version of its iOS remote control app. Using the software you can remote-control your wearable GoPro action camera. New to this release is the ability to play back videos and view photos, and share the content you're shooting.

GoPro cameras are wearable digital video cameras that have become quite popular with sports enthusiasts for their ability to be worn on helmets or other parts of the body using straps. The company bundles its cameras with transparent waterproof housings, making them a popular choice with watersport enthusiasts, skiers and snowboarders.

Changes in the 2.0 release include:

  • View photos and play back videos
  • Copy photos and videos to a GoPro album on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • Share the photos and videos copies to your device via email, text, Instagram, Facebook or other app
  • Browse and delete files on the camera's memory card

  • Free - Download now

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