GoPro launches HERO3+ camera line

GoPro has launched the HERO3+ line of cameras with an updated design and increased battery life over previous models. Both of the new cameras are 20 percent smaller and lighter than the previous generation, with GoPro also claiming a battery life improvement of up to 30 percent.

GoPro's cameras are wearable and mountable; they've become a popular accessory for extreme sports enthusiasts who want to capture themselves and their friends in action; they're also used by nature videographers and others wanting a rugged, lightweight digital camera.

The new HERO3+ Black Edition features improved Wi-Fi for faster connectivity and tranfer and playback of photos and videos to mobile devices, a new wide-angle view called SuperView, an auto low light mode, and video resolutions up to 4K. The Black Edition is available for $399.

The HERO3+ Silver Edition's image processor is twice as fast as that of the HERO3 Silver Edition, and features the same Wi-Fi improvements as the Black Edition. The Silver Edition can capture 1080p video at 60 frames per second, and 720p video at 120 fps. The Silver Edition is available for $299.

GoPro has also released new camera mounts and updated software. The mounts include the Jaws Flex Clamp Mount, the Junio Chest Harness, and the Headstrap and Quickclip. The GoPro Studio software has been updated to 2.0, adding customizable edit templates to quickly and easily edit videos.

Source: GoPro