Gowalla version 3 in now available in the App Store. This is the most significant update Gowalla has released for iPhone. So what are some of the new features?

For starters there is a completely new interface. At fist, I found it a little confusing, but I can navigate OK now. Beyond the interface overhaul, the most exciting new feature has to be notes. You can leave notes for your friends at a location. So, the next time they check in at your favorite restaurant, they will be notified that a note was left for them.

The notes feature is cool, but I would have liked to have seen it taken a step further and have public notes. As it is, you can add a Highlight, one of Gowalla's newer features that was previously available on the Web.

Another new feature is the ability to link to FourSquare and Facebook for cross-posting. You can even see these checkins in the Gowalla app; sort of like a hub for location based checkins.

As many of you know, I am fan of Gowalla. I reviewed Gowalla for iPhone back in May, and I like what they have done in the new update, but there are a couple of things they have removed that leaves me scratching my head with wonder...

  • Removal of your item collection- you can add to it, but cannot view it any more... very strange
  • When you rotate Gowalla on iPhone, you no longer get the vicinity map

One final note, if you are using a jailbroken device with Winterboard, it won't work :-( However, Gowalla says they are working on a fix, so stay tuned!

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