GPS Radar will let you use your Apple Watch to check-in to New York Fashion Week

Attendees at this year's New York Fashion Week will be able to check-in to various shows using only their Apple Watches. Starting with the Tommy Hilfiger show on February 15, all you'll need to do to get inside is use the GPS Radar app on your Apple Watch, negating the need for physical invitations.

According to Fashionista, the app will be able to check you in to any Fashion Week show.

Hilfiger — which has in recent seasons added a number of tech-related components to its shows to generate buzz, from Lytro cameras to a photo pit for Instagrammers — is serving as the official launch partner. But anyone checking into a NYFW show via GPS Radar (i.e., most of them) will be able to use their Watches to get in. The same will go for attendees at London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks, though the system is less widely used in those cities.

Those using GPS Radar will also be able to take advantage of a special "fast lane," allowing them to enter the shows more quickly. GPS Radar, formerly known as Fashion GPS, was already the primary way to distribute show and party invites for Fashion Week, and its recent update makes it even more convenient.

You'll find Apple Watch support in the app's latest update, available now on the App Store.

Source: Fashionista

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