Grab an extras role in the Ashton Kutcher lead Steve Jobs movie in Pasadena next weekIf you have some spare time next week and fancy being part of the upcoming Steve Jobs unofficial biography movie, then now’s your chance. The movie which stars Ashton Kutcher in the role of Steve Jobs is filming some important scenes in Pasadena CA on Monday July 16th and Tuesday July 17th.

This is the story of Apple Founder Steve Jobs' remarkable journey to become one of the world's most influential figures. You know that feeling where everything seems like a dream, even though it's happening all around you? Get the idea? Hey, even I can't wait to see this film and with all these stars!

The scenes we're part of will be the 1983 PC Conference (Monday the 16th) and the 1977 Computer Jobs Faire (Tuesday the 17th) Ashton Kutcher plus many other Stars will be on set with you. Prepare to have an amazing time!

If you have some free time next week and would like to be seen in the movie, you need to be able to meet some simple criteria. The roles that need to be filled are Business Men, Computer Nerds, Salesman and Lookie-Loos. The important thing is that you have the wardrobe to match the time and look; you need to bring your own clothes as none are provided. You can see what type of clothing you need to have in the picture above. Unfortunately, if you have any tattoos, piercings or a shaved head you're out of luck.

If you want to take part, all you have to is register at Be in a Movie and you will be given an information pack giving you all the details. The roles are voluntary only, so no whopping Hollywood pay packet this time; you will get food though and the chance to be part of what will hopefully be a fantastic movie.

If you are in the area and a fan of Steve Jobs and Apple, you would be mad to miss an opportunity like this. If it was in my town I would be ironing my flares right now!

Source: Be in a Movie via 9to5Mac