assassins creed memories

Mobile phone publisher GREE has announced it is teaming up with Ubisoft and PlayNext to release the free-to-play game Assassin's Creed Memories for the iPhone and iPad. The game is the latest entry in the long running Ubisoft franchise and will offer gamers a mix of RPG, strategy and card battle features.

Ubisoft's press release states that players will use the new "mobile Animus" to travel to different time periods in the game. It adds:

Assassin's Creed Memories will offer players the opportunity to explore familiar time periods like Renaissance Italy and Colonial America, while also bringing some new eras into play. The game will offer a deep and engaging single player experience as well as multiplayer combat involving battles of up to 20 versus 20 players. With an emphasis on customization and strategy, each player will be able to create and build a unique experience as they decide what kind of Assassin they want to be and which fan-favorite allies they want by their side.

The game is currently available in select countries under a "soft launch" plan, with the full release planned for later this summer. A previous mobile game in the series, Assassin's Creed Pirates, was released in December. What do you think of this new and different entry in the series?

Source: Assassin's Creed Memories