Greyout is a dystopian puzzle that makes it difficult to find the right words

Greyout is a new text-based puzzle game for iPhone and iPad from Neven Mrgan, the developer behind a similar game, Blackbar. In fact, Greyout is a prequel to Blackbar. Taking place in a totalitarian community called The Neighborhood, you take on the role of Alaine, a rebellious citizen of the community.

At the start of Greyout, Alaine has been involved in an accident that has placed her in a Neighborhood medical facility, or so she thinks. The game takes place as a series of text-based conversations with facility staff. However, these conversations are not always straightforward, as the accident has left Alaine with post-traumatic aphasia, which makes it difficult to process language. As the developer states:

Grayout simulates the experience of having a word on the tip of your tongue, the frustration of knowing what you mean but not how to say it, the feeling of being overwhelmed by the runaway thoughts inside your head and struggling to reign them in.

Greyout is available now on the App Store.

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