On the internet, no one can hear your bluff. A blog claims to be offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who can produce a free software unlock solution for iPhone, and deliver it by the chimes of midnight tonight. Of course, no information whatsoever is given to back the legitimacy of this claim, such as who its underwriters are so I'd wager this cash payment is coming from someone's HP deskjet printer. Nothing more than a single email address is available for correspondence, which doesn't instill confidence.

My favorite quote from the site, which gives good insight into the minds behind this project...

Me and my friends are very involved in the open source community and yet everybody who worked on IRC, now is concerned about getting paid and charging everybody for an unlock software. I can’t believe it, it’s like Linus Torvalds would start charging for compiling the kernel.

Imagine that...expecting payment for your work and talent. Why, it almost sounds like Capitalism!

Yeah, these are a bunch of kids.

I'll make a counter offer for anyone who can produce such a solution; one shiny wooden nickel. Any takers?