Groupon Gnome

Groupon is departing from simply focusing on daily deals and is looking to enter the point-of-sale solutions race with an iPad-based device called Gnome. It's an all-in-one cash register that can not only accept the traditional payments, but also Groupon vouchers and comes with an integrated customer relationship manager, accounting software and more. It's believed this new solution will help solve a deep challenge Groupon faces.

The issue with Groupon is customers would find deals they like the look of, download and/or take the coupon with them to make the purchase at business and retailers to only then never return. The idea with the new point-of-sale solution is for Groupon to offer the means for said retailers to better track said customers, creating custom marketing campaigns using purchase history among other data.

It's clear Groupon not only wants to continue tapping into the consumer base seeking enticing deals and offers, but also to deploy tools and services for merchants to take advantage of data and other means to better serve customers sent through the Groupon system. This move also puts Groupon up against the likes of Square, which also has a register specifically built around the iPad.

Groupon is set to charge $10 a month for its new iPad solution, which will reportedly become a requirement for all merchants running promotions through the network. This will undoubtedly help Groupon in the long run, but it could also cause some merchants to look elsewhere.

Source: TechCrunch