Guardian Circle is now available for download on iPhone and iPad. The app utilizes peer-to-peer technology to connect family members and friends and offers a private communication platform. There's very little latency, which makes the app an ideal option in an emergency where quick response from a family member is required. Think of Guardian Circle as a more advanced panic app, allowing for those responding to a distress call out to coordinate and more efficiently reach a location.

Guardian Circle

Instead of making a call to emergency services, Guardian Circle puts more power in the hands of trusted personnel, offering geolocation data, and can be used by those in a medical emergency or when seeking a drive home from a rather uncomfortable meeting. With the array of issues plaguing certain parts of the world today, having Guardian Circle configured with close friends and family members can really make a difference when it comes to finding oneself in a spot of bother.

Some highlighted scenarios where Guardian Circle can come in handy:

  • Daughter in college
  • Extreme sports or hiking
  • People with health issues
  • Senior relatives
  • Solo entrepreneurs or real estate agents
  • Natural disasters

It's a neat concept and one we imagine many can effectively put to use to not only provide peace of mind for more vulnerable smartphone owners, but also to work with others within the app to promptly reach someone in need.

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