Guide poor, freezing, naked Dennis to love in Icycle: On Thin Ice

Icycle: On Thin Ice is a platformer that sees you put on the hat of naked cycling hero Dennis, who is chasing the woman of his dreams across treacherous, snow-covered terrain. Your job is to help Dennis find love by making your way through the game's levels by peddling down slopes, jumping through moving platforms, and much more. The game utilizes touch controls, with buttons on the bottom portion of the screen, forward, back, and jump.

On Thin Ice contains 80 missions as part of the main game. Completing them all will unlock bonus features, including the original Icycle game. There are hidden items that you can find and reach with the aid of umbrellas and vacuum cleaners. You can upgrade these devices to find and unlock even more items. Some of these items include outfits for the normally-naked Dennis, and you can dress him how you choose as you unlock new pieces.

Icycle: On This Ice is available as a universal game for iPhone and iPad, on the App Store now for $0.99. Check out the video below from Simon Sage's March preview of the game.

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