There are a bunch of nice 3rd party apps cropping up for hacked iPhones. I haven't been posting them individually since I'm not sure who out here really has use for a SCUMM or AGI interpreter, but I can hide morsels like that inside of bigger articles. I love seeing hacked apps come through that really deliver on the gaming promise of the iPhone.

App number one is by Drunknbass: it's a video capture app. Their proof-of-concept demo records 5 seconds of video at 10fps, but they expect the final version to record unlimited-except-for-free-storage-remaining video at 30fps. All that remains is for them to optimize their code. If they can hit 30fps, that will be a very nice capability added to the iPhone.

App number two is more for the proof of concept. It's hard enough to control directions without tactile feedback on the NES emulator with just a directional pad and four buttons. I can't imagine how tough it would be to try and do controls with double directional pads, 4 triggers, and 6 buttons. But, it can be done, and it is therefore awesome. The PS1 emulator will last as a timeless paean to developer ZodTTD's awesomeness. That and the GameBoy Advance emulator he wrote.

App number three is scummVM, which one can use to play a bevy of old Sierra LucasArts games of years past. Some of these games were the most highly acclaimed games of their time. They actually wear well with time, I'd say. If I ever get the hacking iPhone back from a certain Canadian editor, this one will actually be one of the first hacks installed. (image credit: Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo).