Download Files on iPhone's MobileSafari

If you've hacked your iPhone, there are a few banner apps that popped up last night. The first app comes from a hacker by the name of Hachu, and it allows you to download files via MobileSafari on the iPhone directly. The initial release appears to support only zip and tar files, but if you're comfortable adding .plist files, the thread is chock full of different MIME declarations to allow the plugin to download many different files to your iPhone's /var/root/Downloads folder. One of the key things I've been missing about the iPhone! [image credit]

Foundation of Wi-Fi wireless sync for iPhone

The second app that is crazy useful if you've hacked your iPhone is iSync for iPhone by Francisios. If you've been hoping for wireless syncing with your iPhone, it's accomplished via rsync, a remote syncing protocol that's been around for quite a while and is very common and stable. The project is ambitious as evidenced by the project goals:

  • Synchronize iTunes library over Wi-Fi
  • Synchronize Photos over Wi-Fi
  • Synchronize Bookmarks, Contacts etc over Wi-Fi