Anonymous, a well-known hacker group, is claiming to have broken into an Apple server and obtained usernames and passwords. The server in question appears to be the server, which Apple utilizes for online surveys. Anonymous issued a tweet from its Twitter account on Sunday claiming Apple could be a potential target.

"Not being so serious, but well ... Apple could be target, too. But don't worry, we are busy elsewhere,..."

The usernames and passwords of 27 individuals were then published to the text-sharing site Pastebin. As of Monday, that specific server displayed an error message. Apple declined to comment when asked.

For those of you not familiar with the hacker group Anonymous, they are well-known for attacking sites and companies that they consider opponents of the popular site WikiLeaks. It's also said that the hacker/WikiLeak group LulzSec emerged from Anonymous as well. These groups have hit Sony Corporation, the Central Intelligence Agency, and many others simply for their own enjoyment (or maybe to make a point?).

I don't see groups like these setting their eyes on Apple when it comes to a seriously malicious attack but who knows? They don't seem to put all their efforts into exploiting any one particular company but any data breach is a concern. Hopefully Apple is looking into this.