It didn't take long for hackers to break through the iPhone's glossy exterior and into its inner bowels, gaining root access. What troubles me is how easily and quickly it was done. So far hackers have managed to uncover the iPhone's root password for the device, which is "Alpine", as well as the mobile user account password - "Dottie". And DVD Jon found a way to unlock the damn thing so we can use it as an iPod sans AT&T service.

Needless to say, in all this merriment, security analysts aren't laughing.

"Once hackers are able to dissect the firmware, they can come up will all kinds of avenues to get to the iPhone's kernel," Paul Henry, vice president of technology evangelism for Secure Computing, told MacNewsWorld.

Yeah, and you know what that means...soon the scaremongering will begin and security firms will be lining up to sell us copies of Norton Anti-Virus for our iPhones.