Back at GDC 2014, we got some hands-on time with the first mobile game from Harmonix, called Record Run. (They wanted us to keep a lid on it until their big reveal at PAX East this last weekend.) These guys made the timeless Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, and as you might expect, their foray into iOS games also involves music.

The mechanics themselves are fairly simple, and follow a familiar freemium endless runner scheme: players have to swipe between left and right lanes in order to avoid obstacles for as long as possible, but also collecting currency along the way. Power-ups can improve your performance between rounds. If you manage to run long enough and dodge obstacles around special target zones, you get to enjoy a particularly trippy visual transformation of the scenery. The real charm lies in the soundtrack. Players can pick music from their local iTunes library, and the entire course bobs and moves in sync with that song. Three track slots will be available for free, with more available through in-app purchases.

I'm excited to see these guys coming to iOS, and based on the unique art style and the ability to pump in your own music, Record Run promises to be a really successful endless runner. Expect to see it in the App Store before the end of the month. Anyone interested?