Deus Ex: The Fall was announced at E3 2013, and we got a little time to check it out on the show floor. Those that have already played Human Evolution will feel right at home - you'll find plenty of action, stealth, and cybernetic upgrades to enjoy, as well as a rich dystopian storyline that ties in tightly with the canon.

The most important part about Deus Ex: The Fall is that the controls had been amply customized for touch. Sure, you'll still go through the usual virtual joystick trope for a lot of the game, but being able to tap on the ground to move about is very natural on an iPad. Beyond that, the game looks absolutely fantastic; maybe not quite as good as Modern Combat 5, but certainly up there. I could easily see Deus Ex: The Fall as being a great hook for players to pick up the console version and vice versa.

The game comes out soon for $6.99, but until then you can find more information from the Eidos Montreal page over here.