iStopMotion brings the power and magic of stop motion animation to the iPad. Stop motion, and the slightly more advanced go-motion animation techniques, are what brought everything from the original Clash of the Titans and Star Wars movies to Wallace and Gromit to our screens, and now you can do it right on your iPad.

iStopMotion helps with a lot of the heavy lifting. Set up your stage, place your actors, and put your iPad in place and you're good to go. Snap a picture, slightly move the scene, then take the next picture. Repeat. Once you have all your frames, you have your movie.

Live from Macworld 2012, Boinx shows us how you can set a time in iStopMotion to automatically take the frames for you at regular intervals, and even set up your iPhone as a better, more positional remote camera. An overlay shows you the last frame so you can more easily place the next, and if you take a bad frame -- who's hand is that?! -- and once you're done you can ad a soundtrack and share your creation, including to YouTube.

Yes, you can finally take that old AT-AT Walker out of storage, get the kids' lego Batman sets all built up, or put the classroom Transformers toys to work. It's Harryhausen time.

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