Following an announcement of Civilization Revolution 2, we got some hands-on time with the mobile revival of 2K's beloved turn-based strategy game. All of the usual mechanics you know and love are here: start building an empire with a single humble city, harvest the resource tiles nearby, expand your nation in science, culture, religion, and military, and achieve global dominance through warfare or diplomacy.

You'll find plenty of new stuff, though. The refreshed Civilization Revolution features new wonders like the Red Cross and Silicon Valley, new units like the Stealth Bomber and Jet Fighter, leaders such as JFK and Churchill, and research options for Modern Warfare, Modern Medicine, Lasers, and Information Technology. To top it all off, there are going to be new scenarios, including a Revolutionary War-themed one, to fall in line with the games release just before Independence day.

Civilization Revolution comes out this Wednesday, July 2 for $14.99. Who's excited? The first Civilization Revolution is certainly getting long in the tooth, so it's good timing for an update. Any of you guys play the main series in the past?