iPhone 3G

Both Engadget and Gizmodo, those lucky [redacteds], got some hands on time with the new iPhone 3G. Ushered into a secret, dimly lit back room and likely surrounded by storm troopers, they came back with the following:

The Good

  • 3G is faassst! 2X EDGE on quicky test, and can be Settings disabled (for those who won't spring for the extra $10?).
  • Better phone quality.
  • Flush headphone jack for realz!
  • Camera software improved, same megapixels, better images.
  • Build quality, even on the all new, all plastic back, felt okay. Lighter, better fit, and design-wizardly thin. Bonus points for Jony Ive!

The Bad

  • Oh, cut and paste, where art thou? C'mon Apple! You nailed this with Mac 1.0!
  • Chrome buttons are for realz as well!
  • No WiFi 802.11n! This, the iPod Touch, and the MacMini are still the only Apple devices to bring down your network speed.
  • No sign of video iChat, or video recording.
  • No sign of A2DP stereo Bluetooth, and no comment on whether its in or coming.
  • Dock now sold separately. Guess that $199 price point gotta hit us somewhere?!)

The Ugly

  • The predicted after-market for your old iPhone 1.0 (though if you manage to catch some people stuck on non-Apple signed carriers who want a jailbroken iPhone, given the new activation policies, there could just be a resurgence...)

Can't wait to get your hands on the iPhone 3G? What are you looking forward to most? What's still missing for you? Let us know!