For a while now there have been accessories, primarily aimed at joggers, that let you wear your iPhone on your upper-arm. Now there's one that lets you wear it on your wrist like a really big watch. Adam Zeis of our sibling site SmartwatchFans has the hands-on, and the interview:

The idea is simple — strap the Smartlet to your wrist and slide in your iPhone to the "unidirectional locking mechanism" and you phone is safe and sound on your wrist. It's there but it's not. If you get a call or notification just pick up your wrist to check it out — no worrying about first looking at your watch, then pulling out your phone. You can easily type out messages while the phone is in the Smartlet, make voice calls or have a chat with Siri.

The video can be found up top, the interview via the link below. Check both out and let me know what you think - are you ready to wear your iPhone on your wrist?

Source: SmartwatchFans