If you're a jailbreaker looking to add a little more speed and functionality to multitasking on your iPhone or iPod touch, you'll want to check out Zephyr. We have talked about Zephyr before but we'll give you a close up look at what it does and the additional functionality it provides. There isn't much to configure after you install Zephyr which makes it easy to use and it's fully compatible with iOS 5.

The main purpose of Zephyr is to add additional multitasking gestures to your device. It adds the ability to swipe left and right on your springboard in order to page through apps. Swiping up will allow you to close out of an app as well. This is perfect for users who may have a broken home button on their iPhone 4, are out of warranty, and don't want to attempt a DIY home button repair themselves.

You can always choose which swipe motions you want to have enabled. Ones you don't want enabled you can simply toggle off in Settings. In addition to enabling or disabling gestures you can also add application restrictions. This is ideal for situations where the keyboard is active and you may not want a swipe gesture to switch apps or close out the application. This is also a good option for games that require you to swipe so Zephyr doesn't attempt to switch between applications or close it out. If you'd like to get things done quicker and have better application switching functionality than what iOS offers stock, Zephyr is definitely worth checking out.

$2.99 - Cydia Search Link

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