Back in October of '07, Mike discovered a warning message in Apple's new Leopard Mail that mentioned Notes Sync with the iPhone -- something that the iPhone didn't offer. Rumors flared, and the intertubes began to hope against hope that Apple would offer Notes Sync. Thing is, though, Apple themselves said they'd be offering Notes Sync fully 10 months earlier during Steve Jobs' original Mac World 2007 keynote where he introduced the iPhone. It's right there on the big screen, plain as day. "Notes".

But we didn't get it with the iPhone 2G's launch, we didn't get it with Leopard's launch, and now coming up on 2 years after that momentous keynote, we're on to the iPhone 3G and OS 2.2, and we still don't have it.

Kind of makes "push notification" have to stand in Apple's "promises, promises" line, now doesn't it?

So what happened?

Notes Sync was obviously intended for release with the original iPhone (it's on the slide and in the code!). Was OS X 10.5 Leopard's delay enough to push it out, and drop it into functionality purgatory? Did Apple run out of engineers, or decide later that engineering efforts were better spent elsewhere? Did it work fine on Mac with Apple Mail, but get complicated enough on Outlook to scuttle partial-support plans?

Or is Apple thinking it's peripheral enough functionality that they'll just roll it into Snow Leopard's release, which should also have integrated ActiveSync support (for "push" notes)?

What's your conspiracy theory?