Happy 6th birthday, iPhone!

Six years ago today I was watching in barely contained rage-jealousy as my friends lined up to buy the original iPhone at Apple Stores across America. It had no third-party apps, no video recording, no MMS, no copy/paste, and nothing approaching the functionality of Treo, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, or Symbian (Wikipedia it) smartphones at the time, but it had a gorgeous capacitive multitouch interface and better first-party multitasking than had ever been seen in mobile before (it could switch from music to phone and back without crashing!)

The original iPhone was overpriced and under-functional, but it was also glorious and the beginning of a very real revolution in mobile. I got one here in Canada just as soon as it was jailbroken and unlocked, and could run on a local network (with a $200/100MB a month data plan!), and I've never looked back.

It was flawed, but it was the future. It was Steve Jobs' phone. It was Apple's phone. And it changed everything. Again.

If you had an original iPhone, let me know what you thought of it at the time, and how you feel now, on the occasion of it's sixth birthday.