There are a thousand rumors floating around about new Apple hardware this year but we're only interested in one -- your most wanted. As expected, both CES 2012 and Macworld 2012 have come and gone without a peep from Apple, but they did give us an education event with some iBooks 2, iBooks Author, and iTunes U goodness. But I'm about ready for new hardware.

iPad 3 is likely up next, and the big rumor is Retina display on the order of 2048x1536. Less certain but still desirable are quad-core chips and LTE networking. Much the same rumors apply to the iPhone 5, just replace the already-present Retina display with an oft-requested 4-inch screen. You could throw a 7-inch iPad in there for good measure to.

Is it something subtler you're waiting for, like NFC support, or something more dramatic like 3D?

Apple TV hasn't been updated in over a year, so are you really craving some 1080p or are you all about the Apple iTV televion rumors now?

Maybe it's the Mac you want -- more specifically a 15-inch MacBook Air? A redesigned Mac Pro? If you could get just one big hardware gift from Apple this year, what would it be?

Give us your vote up top and then give us the details in the comments below!