Hatch for iPhone is like a modern day Tamagotchi or Giga pet, but way better

Hatch for iPhone revives and redefines virtual pet gaming. It's like the Tamagotchis or Giga pets many of us remember growing up with, but taken to an entirely new level. With awesome graphics and tons of items to unlock, there's lots of fun to be had inside the entirely hand drawn world of Hatch.

Your virtual pet - referred to as a Fugu - hangs out inside Hatch just like you'd expect any well behaved virtual pet to do. You'll need to feed them with the fruits that grow on the trees overhead. You can also save fruit and use it in the virtual store to trade and barter for items. At night when your assistant isn't around, you can bank items and cash them in later.

What takes Hatch beyond the virtual pet games of the past is how it takes advantage of everything an iPhone can do. Thanks to things like the accelerometer, moving your iPhone will alarm your Fugu. Shake it to see what Fugu thinks and you may be surprised by his reaction. Try to take a picture, and maybe you'll be surprised by his photobomb. Yeah. There are lots of litter easter eggs like this to discover throughout the game. Make sure you check Hatch when you plug your iPhone in for the night to tuck your Fugu into bed as well.

Anyone familiar with virtual pets is already aware that you need to keep an eye on them on a pretty regular basis. Your Fugu isn't any exception and if you go too long without checking on them, they'll run away.

Created by Phill Ryu's company, Impending, and Realmac Software (the partnership behind the very elegant task list, Clear, with art by David Lanham of the Iconfactory, animation by Headless Studio, music by Josh Mobley, sound by Emily Ridgeway, Hatch really does come to life inside your iPhone. It's a fantastic game and a delightful experience, and one you'll return to again and again.

Hatch is available now in the App Store. Check it out and let me know how well you do with your Fugu!

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