Digital pets are nothing new. Tamagotchi were a craze in the 2-bit, low-res days. Yet, back then, they were hindered by technology that was insufficient to fully realize the visions of their creators or the imagination of their users. Flash forward to 2012 and Impending, in collaboration with RealMac, aim to make the genre what it was always meant to be -- with Hatch.

If those names sound familiar, it's because they're the folks behind Clear, the delightfully simple, gesture-based task management app for the iPhone and Mac. Impending's Phill Ryu has long spoken about the potential for apps like this on modern platforms like iOS, and it's fantastic to see he's really going for it. With RealMac, and the talent of people like David Lanham from the Iconfactory behind him, it's got all the pieces in place to make just exactly what the tag line promises:

An app that loves you back.

Hatch won't ship until next year, but the video teaser above shows wonderful animation, engaging interactions (including tying into the built-in background music system), and a smart focus on building the app-to-user connection.

Digital devices have become emotional possessions. Pet apps have been tried before, and have worked before, but the connection has deepened with the capabilities of our devices. They know time, they know location, they know us.

It'll be interesting to see how much of that Hatch captures at launch, and how much of us the little creatures capture over time.

Head on over to the website below for an extra sneak-peak, and a way to started with the fun.

Source: Hatch