Have a 12-14 year old girl interested in iOS development? Send her to App Camp this summer!

App Camp for Girls is a non-profit group that helps teenaged girls interested in learning how to program for iOS. The organization already holds camps in Portland and Seattle; this year it's expanding to Martinsville, NJ and Vancouver, BC, Canada.

At App Camp For Girls, campers receive a broad introduction to the process of iOS app development, from brainstorming and designing ideas to building and pitching their apps. The girls use Mac computers and Xcode, Apple's suite of developer tools, to build their apps and run them on iPod touch devices. By building an app in one week, campers get a sense of accomplishment that can spark their enthusiasm to pursue further tech education.

The focus of App Camp for Girls is to tip "the scales of gender imbalance in software by providing girls with engaging, accessible educational programs in iOS development."

Camps take place during a week in July, with a second camp taking place in Portland in August. Specific dates vary by location.

Eligible campers must be local to the camp location and must be entering 8th or 9th grade in Fall 2015. The deadline to enter is March 17, 2015. More details are available at the App Camp for Girls web site.