iOS 7.1

It's been just over 48 hours since iOS 7.1 hit, so have you updated yet? A point update – no matter how much some of us are waiting on it – doesn't usually draw the same excitement as a full blown new iOS version, but there's no denying that a lot of us have been waiting on iOS 7.1. There will also be those folks who are happy enough to wait it out and see the feedback come in first before thinking about updating. So, which camp are you in?

iOS 7.1 brings with it new features such as CarPlay support and improvements to the interface and to iTunes Radio. But, perhaps more importantly – for some of us – it seems to have brought an end to the incessant homescreen resprings and sporadic crashing. For this alone, I was hammering the install button as soon as it landed, and I'm pleased I did. Apple also showed some performance improvement love for folks rocking an iPhone 4, and the feedback seems to have been good on that front, too.

But, while some of us jump on the latest updates as soon as they hit, there are those who are altogether more reserved. Those who are happy to wait it out, see the feedback roll in and decide whether its worth updating. There's also the Jailbreak crowd who don't want to lose that, so those folks probably won't be updating until there's a confirmed exploit for them to use.

So, two days in, have you updated? What's your own thought process behind it, and are you happy right now with whatever decision you made? Drop your vote in the poll up top and your thoughts into the comments below!