Apple's event this past Tuesday in San Francisco was a busy one, with one of the big pieces of news being the consumer release of OS X Mavericks for the low, low price of free. As such, one potential barrier to upgrading was completely removed, but that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone has, or for that matter can. So, have you upgraded to OS X Mavericks yet?

Mavericks brings a ton of new features to the table, some more front facing than others. iBooks and Maps are the two big new built in applications, we've got updates to Finder, notifications and so much more besides. If you're still undecided, I encourage you to read iMore's complete OS X Mavericks review to help you in the decision process.

For some, the choice not to upgrade is personal. Some of us like to wait it out, see if there are any issues that present themselves before taking the plunge. For others, perhaps their hardware is the issue and they can't upgrade. In any case, there's a multitude of reasons that could prevent it.

So, have you upgraded yet? Drop a vote in the poll up top, and leave us your thoughts in the comments below. If you have upgraded, how are you finding it?