Haze is a new weather app by the folks at Robocat and Taptanium, including developer Willi Wu and designer Michael Flarup. Not surprisingly, it's joyfully executed.

Haze gives you a radiantly crafted 5 day forecast at a glance. Built from the ground up with OpenGL ES and OpenAL. Swipe through and explore weather information related to sunshine, temperature and rain with a polished audiovisual experience. Is it going to be warmer tomorrow? Don't read it. See it. The beautifully animated background shows you the trend. Use Haze frequently to unlock colorful themes and customize the look.

They've had some issues with the date label, but a fix is already on the way. If you're an aficionado of finely crafted, elegantly presented weather apps, check it out now while it's still 66% off on launch sale.

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