HBO shows come to iTunes

Yeah, Chrisey, hang on a minute, I'm conferencing in our mutual friend from Cupertino...

Hello? (Manage, this thing is easy to use!) Hello Stevie? Whoa, there he is... Stevie, It's me Tony. So what do I gotta do to get on this computer thing... this iTunes Chrisey here keeps telling me about?

No, me, I don't know nothing from nothing about it, but Chrisey tells me it's, you know, the next big deal, and we want our taste.

Yeah, I'm using one of your -- what do you call them -- iPhones right now. Never mind how I got it, fell off the back of a truck with 10,000 of its little friends we've already shipped to China, capiche? Let's talk content.

What's that? Childlike sense of --? Listen hippie, we want flexible pricing and a bigger cut off the back end. We're not those ***** from NBC you're used to ******* dealing with, you hear me?

Simplicity? Zen? (Did he just tell say "boom"?!)

Okay. Calm down. Calm down. The suits from Time Warner are handled. Those ******* ********, they've blown it in the past, we all know that, but what's done is done and this deal is good for them, good for us, good for you -- good for everybody but those clowns up in Redmond, huh?

Yeah, okay, forgetaboutit. This time tomorrow you'll be watching those foul-mouthed ***** on Deadwood and that crazy ***** Dexter or whatever right there on your little iPhone, okay? So why don't you take one of your little barefoot walks down to Whole Foods and get one of those fruity drinks you like so much, and me and Chrisey will figure out the details, okay?

We good? HBO on iTunes now? Good.

Yeah, okay. Namaste to you to. Whatever. (Madone, you believe this guy?!)