Spree was showing off their fitness headband at CES 2014, which offers the full range of mobile monitoring that you’d come to usually expect from wristbands. Within the headband is a removeable module which you charge over USB and connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth Smart. Once paired, it picks up motion and heat data to make sure you’re meeting your fitness goals while not working yourself too hard.

The headband is designed so that the module is insulated and taking a proper reading of your temperature, rather than the outside environment. Through the app, you can set a wide range of fitness regimens, including running, working out at the gym, and cycling.

I’d be interested to see if there’s a significant difference in data collected from a headband rather than a wrist strap. Temperature monitoring seems like a bigger focus here compared to most fitness wristbands out there, and I’d be interested in seeing how that data is extrapolated into different workout suggestions. Fitness nuts can order one of these now for a whooping $299, with shipments going out in the next month.

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