Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft finally makes its way to iPhone

If you're unfamiliar with Hearthstone, the game is based on Blizzard's wildly popular Warcraft franchise, and tasks players with building decks and going head-to-head by summoning creature cards and casting spells at their opponents. The game has an added twist, though, as players actually assume the role of one of nine heroes, each with representing popular hero characters from the Warcraft franchise and sporting their own unique abilities.

The game launched on iPad back in April of 2014, and has been a tablet-only affair ever since. However, today's launch on iPhone marks the game's first foray into being truly mobile, and it comes at a good time — just after the launch of the game's second single-player expansion. If you're ready to get some card battling action in on your iPhone, the move to smaller screens comes as a universal update to the game, which you can grab from the link below.

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