Giant Spacekat has been building the Epic Unreal-powered Revolution 60 for iPad for a while - listen to them talk about it on Iterate - but now they want to bring it to the Mac and Windows as well, and they've taken to Kickstarter to do it:

Your help won't just get Revolution 60 to people without Apple devices. You'll also be helping us complete the game. Revolution 60 was originally slated to ship in November, but the team pushed the ship date to March to put more polish and interactivity into the game. For a cinematic game like Revolution 60, there are thousands of details that have to be implemented - camera angles, music, voice acting, animation. Getting it all right is expensive for an indie team like Giant Spacekat. With your help, you won't just be helping us ship this game, you'll be helping build an indie Boston studio.

Indie developers, especially ambitious ones like Brianna Wu impress the hell out of me. Building a world isn't easy. Building one you can kick, punch, and blast through is ridiculously hard. It's more than time and effort, money and creativity. It's a single act of will.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign and if it appeals to you, back away!

Source: Kickstarter