Here are the developer focused changes in iOS 9

On stage at WWDC 2015, Apple previewed a ton of great stuff abut what is coming in iOS 9. While the general public won't get it on their devices until the fall, developers will be able to download and install it now, to aid in their app development.

The changes found in iOS 9 are rather extensive, and here are some of the more developer-focused changes that are coming.

  • OCR accessory setup
  • Search extensibility
  • Audio unit extension
  • VPN plug-in extension
  • Swift 2
  • Map customization
  • Direct document
  • UI testing in Xcode
  • Notification actions
  • Third party notifications
  • Sensor profile
  • App thinning
  • Motorized windows profile
  • New Health data types
  • Flyover and Walkthrough
  • Code Coverage
  • Gaming APIs
  • Layout guide
  • Shortcut bar
  • Automated shades profile
  • Object-oriented Contacts
  • New HomeKit profiles
  • iCloud open in place
  • Home security profile
  • Storyboard references
  • App transport security API
  • Stack view
  • Wireless CarPlay
  • HomeKit iCloud remote access

These are the new features that Apple showed off, which could always change by the time it is released. Stay tuned for all the iOS 9 news you can handle.

WWDC 2015


WWDC 2015